Dynamic Pricing Platform

  03/17/10 3:45:12 PM

Introducing the Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP)

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The Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP) takes the cash price wanted for grain and automatically sells it when that cash price is reached.  Producers designate the price wanted, how much to sell, and when to deliver.  Using the online system offers are evaluated in real time- tick by tick against the futures market.

How do I Get Started?  Click on the Al-Corn picture and sign up for the DPP.

Following buyer approval you will receive a confirmation email and you can log into the DPP!

Advantages of the DPP
-Bid Charts (Local cash prices)
-Basis Charts
-Historical and Intra-Day Futures Charts
-Current and Historical LDP Information
-USDA Reports
-Market Commentary
-Online Offer System
  Firm (Cash) Offers
  Futures Fixed Offers
  Basis Offers

Put in Your Offers above the Current Price instead of Selling Across the Scales
Let the DPP Watch the Markets.  The DPP monitors every tick of the markets, when asking price is met - it sells your grain.

For more information, contact Walt Turner at 507-681-7109

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